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What's In a Name?
Post 1 - Manhattan - Cooper -  Lieutenant Colonel Larry Epstein - Florence Greenwald


Post 1 - Manhattan - Cooper

We trace our heritage to the initial founding of the Hebrew Union Veterans Association on March 15, 1896.  The first formation of a veteran service organization in the United States. 

The “Cooper” is from the former Stuyvesant-Cooper Post 235
which merged with Post 1 in 2007 and provided needed leadership to the post.

Lieutenant Colonel Larry Epstein

Past Post 1 Commander Larry Epstein was a victim of anti-Semitism while in the Army.  He was a veteran of Vietnam, Panama and the Gulf War. Larry died in 2009 from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis [Lou Gehrig’s Disease] which was contracted from his Gulf War participation.

Larry Epstein highlights.jpg
Florence Greenwald.jpg

Florence Greenwald

Past Post 1 Commander Florence Greenwald is a historic figure in the history of veterans service organizations. In 1953 she became the first woman elected to serve as a County Commander [New York County] in any veterans service organization. She was a World War II Navy Chief Postal Clerk who was among the sailors who opened Fleet Post Office San Francisco. Florence died in 2004.

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